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Time to Get Moving!
Three Easy Ways for Busy Employees and Leaders to Stay Active.

Time to Get Moving! Three Easy Ways for Busy Employees and Leaders to Stay Active. Busy Professional Staying Active Hiking Outside.

If your employees and leaders are juggling work, family, and hobbies, finding time to get active may seem like mission impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could seamlessly integrate exercise into our daily routines without feeling like it is a chore? Sounds good? Here are three hacks they might find useful.  

1) Look at your schedule and build it in  

What is your, and your leaders’ and employees’ daily schedule like?  Is it pretty standard?  Can they find a time that would work to fit exercise in as if it were an appointment?

For me, I go to the gym before my day starts because I know that it will be so much more difficult once I get into the swing of things.  I even have it in my calendar so it can’t get booked out.

Can you build it into your commute?  Think about trading your usual spot in the morning traffic for a ride on a bicycle or a walk. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also an excellent way to get in a workout before your day even begins. The best part is that even a small amount of exercise can increase your mood and focus for the remainder of the day, resulting in an effective start to your day before you even enter the office.  

2) Coffee Break Walks  

How about inviting a work buddy to transform your usual coffee break into a mini workout? Rather than grabbing a coffee from your office kitchen, consider taking a quick walk to your favourite local coffee shop or grab your coffee in a to-go cup and sip while walking. This gives you the chance to stretch your legs, take a breather from the screen, and rack up some extra steps for the day.

If you’re working remotely, this is still doable. Take your thoughts or even your dog for a brisk walk around the block. It’s a minor tweak to your routine, but remember, every small step (literally and figuratively) makes a difference in our journey to better health.  You’ll come back to work feeling more focused, creative, and productive. 

3) Active Off-Work Hours 

Finally, take advantage of your free time by getting active. It could be as simple as a stroll in the park with your partner and kids or playing with your kids. Why is it beneficial? First and foremost, it’s a great way to reconnect with your loved ones and strengthen your relationships. Furthermore, a workout can be extremely rewarding, and food tastes ten times better when you’ve worked hard to earn it.   Encouraging your employees and leaders to shut down their devices at a reasonable time can alleviate a barrier around being active.


Your Move 

If it’s important for employees and leaders to get more active in throughout the day, but find it difficult with their schedule, perhaps it’s an initiative that can be started in your workplace.  As a leader, it is important to support your employees’ and leaders’ health and wellness so that they can feel creative and focused at work with energy for fun at home.

Take a look at these simple yet effective hacks that can be easily incorporated into busy schedules. Remember, it’s not about making big, dramatic changes, but small, manageable ones.

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