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How to support your staff's energy this summer

How To Support Your Staff and Leaders' Energy This Summer

You need your staff and leaders to be focused, energetic, productive, and creative this summer.

But it’s the summer, and people and companies tend to want to slow down a little and have some fun.

Plus, spending many hours at the office, coming home to your family, taking care of the house, this all takes so much energy. 

If you and your staff are already exhausted or burnt out, then getting outside or doing an activity may seem daunting, even if you were looking forward to it. 

How do you support your staff’s health, wellness, and energy when schedules are a bit different, there are more BBQs, sugary drinks, etc.

Here are some tips to help your employees’ and leaders’ summer rock.

Make Strategic Decisions

When it comes to planning for some activities over the summer, do you know why you are making the choices?  Are they in line with your company’s health and wellness policies, procedures, and vision?

Making strategic healthy summer plans will have a bigger impact because you will know what your staff wants and needs (assuming you are completing your annual H&W Program assessments).

Some ideas might be:

  • If you have young families in your company, maybe encouraging them to take time off to be with their families and unplugging is an option.
  • If you usually have a BBQ, maybe you can offer better food options than sugary drinks, alcohol, hamburgers / hotdogs, or processed salads.
  • Instead of working indoors constantly, is there the possibility to spend some time outdoors many days?
  • Instead of bringing around processed ice creams, perhaps you can have an activity where people are learning how to make “nice cream”.
  • If you have a diverse population, perhaps taking some time to learn about and celebrate their culture (this shouldn’t just be in the summer)

Remember that employees and leaders are humans

When we’re at work, it can be easy to think just about the work.

But it’s important to remember that people have commitments outside of work that can take up their energy and focus.

For instance, with families who have kids, school is out for the summer, and many families are bound by having to put them in camps (which may run during shorter hours), or they may want to have fun experiences with them, like camping or traveling.

They may have family in another location that they want to visit.

Or… They may just be feeling a bit burnt out after a busy work season.

Keeping in mind that your employees and leaders are people with their own unique needs and challenges will go a long way to supporting them this summer.

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